“All Her Favorite Fruit” – Camper Van Beethoven (tab)

album-key-lime-pieHere’s what may be my favorite all-time song, based not so much on what I revere the most right now but more on what song I’ve listened to more than any other. The chords for this have been online longer than you have, probably, thanks to Pittsburgh-based BBS geek John Fail, a kid I knew only through the Camper Van Beethoven listserv, whom I then I had the pleasure of meeting a few times while living in Pgh doing separate DIY projects.

Now, A new time-wasting DIY project has forced me to figure out Greg Lisher’s lead-guitar part for the song, which I’ve posted here. It’s not perfect, but it’ll pass muster if your audience consists mostly of those friends of yours shocked that you can even tune a guitar much less play one.