Not even the lyrics for this one is anywhere online. A new-ish band. Another track from the inimitable Steve May, whose mixes should be part of your daily music regimen.

The song’s in irritating Bb major, so do what I do and capo up a fret. All chords below are relative to the capo. If you’re not playing along with the music then just play whatever. Of course you know this. I’m not trying to tell you how to play your instrument. And once again, there are lyrics below that I’ve assuredly misheard. Mr. Withered Hand: the last time I did this, Vic Godard himself came onto my blog and posted the correct lyrics to his song (though he missed a verse…). I welcome you to rise to the challenge.

A / Asus4

A                               Asus4
You must be joking I'd deny
Tears are forming in my eyes
I'm over-sensitive
I'm hyper-sensitized
       Bm                 D       A
And it makes me feel like I am alive


A                      Asus4
There's nothing to dislike
I don't need lights on my push-bike
D                     A
My light comes from inside
            Bm                 D      A
Oh yeah, it makes me feel like I am alive

             Bm              D
And when the winter turns to springtime
         A                   Bm
Like the springtime turns to summer
      Bm              D            A
We'll discover how we lost another year

A / Asus4 (x2)
Bm D A 

A                       Asus4
I saw you at the embassy
We're both crippled socially
D                            A
Oh worlds collide when we converse
              Bm                D        A
We're singing love is a disease odd as a curse

A                               Asus4
We wrote "Pavement" on our shoes
We stole our biro when we paid our dues 
We paid our respects
We wrote "Confusion is Sex"
            Bm             D                 A
And on your shoulder bag I wrote "The Silver Jews"

        Bm              D
And the ice turned into water
        A               Bm
And the water turned to gases
         Bm             D           A
Steaming glasses on the frosty afternoon

        Bm                 D
And her lips were warm her hands were cold
A                   Bm
I never thought I'd feel this old
           Bm                       D                    A
This isn't gray hair just the first light of a new dawn

A / Asus4

A                         Asus4
I saw you at the embassy