The Family Queer Flies Home for March Madness – Defector
I told myself I would do this for my family. Or with them? I, the homosexual in the bunch, often confuse the difference.’

It’s time politicians embraced the revolutionary power of sex – The Guardian
‘Desire’s apolitical nature is oddly its political asset.’

Later, in Filmmaking II – Kenyon Review Online
I wanted to be one of the boys with haircuts and gym bodies that matched the boys I saw in movies.’

Nonfiction as Queer Aesthetic: Discovering Myself, Discovering My Art – Literary Hub
‘One night in April 2004, I chose to be queer.’

J.R. Ackerley’s My Father and MyselfPost Road
‘I might never write a memoir.’

The Brain is a Masterclass – Creative Nonfiction
What does a mind at work look like? It’s all quickness and light.’

Meme 12 – Rappahannock Review
‘What was a gay man? They were unclear, the requirements.’

The Speakeasy – Harper’s
‘I went to L.A. to watch comedians fail at a higher level.’

For Lack of Anything Better – The Rumpus
‘My yarn art brands me as a collector.’

Meme 11 – Brevity
‘I was cast as one of two narrators in the kindergarten play. Hutchison Elementary, 1983.’

A Rap I Wrote – DIAGRAM
‘This is an essay about hating yourself.’