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This one wasn’t online for some reason. A capo helped me out. Feel free to play braggingly without one. Oh, and while I can’t hear anything wrong with the first D chord in the intro/chorus, it feels as though the song’s doing something other than alternating between two chords. I’m open to suggestions.

"Cato As a Pun"
capo on 1st fret
(all chords/tabs relative to capo)

Em D Em D

I/C/O bass riff:
  Em      D        Em       D

C                 Am                    E           G
Cato play with my head I won't know the difference
C                      Am                E         G
If we're living in the novelist or statistician ...  ooh, ooh
C                      Am                 E       G
ooh. Cato mess with my concepts, my inner vision, like a strobing light
C                 Am
Please confuse my every decision


C               Am                   E        G
I can't even pretend that you are my friend.
C                    Am                       E        
What has happened to you and I, and don't say that I have changed
'Cause man of course I have.
C                 Am                  E 
Are you far too depressed now even to answer the phone?
I guess you just want to
C                       Am                 NC
shave your head, have a drink and be left alone.

Is that too much to ask?

[gong hit]