This is I think the one song of the stellar and (for me, at least) seminal Arise, Therefore record that hasn’t been tabbed online. I’m not sure whether it’s 100% on (the song is piano heavy, which always makes transcription difficult), but it’s a start. Please revise/edit as needed.

Note: This is for a guitar tuned down a half step (EbAbDbGbBbEb). The D/G# chord is a D chord with a G# bass. You can play it with a regular D shape by just sliding your index finger up the G string to hit the G# on the first fret. If this pulls your ring finger off the E string, it’s not much of a problem.

  D         D/G#            A
I take in a stranger and he hits me.
D             D/G#      A
I take in a wind and it bites.
  D               D/G#
I listen at night
       A           C#m
to you cry constantly,
       F#m       A
saying, "Show yourself.
F#m       A  (A Maj7)
Fight yourself."


We are two kids, we've acted foolishly.
When could we possibly?
When could we possibly?

Only every summer.
Then only if you know.
O I know, I know, I only know you,
and always this will be true.

Living on the memory of this love.
Memory is knowledge, dove.
She leaned back on the wood and she closed her eyes,
saying quietly as she went to sleep:

"Don't let anyone see us.
Say what they've seen and expose us.
I've seen how they are and I hate it.
They could never talk about where you've been."

The chord pattern repeats throughout the song, though at some point that F#m slides up to a G for a couple bars. End on A. Here’s the opening riff that pops up throughout:



Feel free to move all that up to the sixth fret if it makes hammering and pulling easier.