Old British folk song. Apparently Beach House covered this song and called it “Lovelier Girl” because of the U.S. being what it is among young folks in the post-millennium, and when I found chords for that cover online I was excited and then played them and they’re wrong. Not just different-key wrong but like, there are from what I can tell no minor-seventh chords anywhere in the song. But who knows what else Beach House did with this unassailable great.

So the recording I have is off on the tuning, and there’s all kinds of melodic lines being plucked that are beyond my capabilities, but here’s the basis for the song in the hopes a better player than I am can build off it.

Forgive misheard lyrics, though I stand by that weird line in the chorus.


D F#m
Bm Bm/A
E (fiddle with making it an E7)
A - A7 -

D          F#m     Bm                Bm/A
  Long days     of wanting you here.
E              E7
Living in fear.
         G               A
Shedding many a tear for you.


D            F#m    Bm               Bm/A
  Long nights    of pasty-faced moons.
E             E7
Echoing rooms.
    G                         A
All filling with gloom for me.


D      F#m    Bm          Bm/A
Letters    by goblin mail.
E7                             A7
Feeling like the wind from the sea
       D        F#m          Bm          Bm/A
Got me thinking,    'bout my lonely trail.
  E7                     A7
Deciding I must have you here with me.

Now step closer into the light
must have the sight of you
as I make love with you.
Cause there's nothing, lovelier girl,
in all the world
than making love with you.


Repeat first 3 lines of Verse 2, then finish the verse with plucking I can't figure out.